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A tour for visitors to Alaska, the 49th state.

Why visit Alaska?

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Alaska, the Beautiful

The scenery of Alaska is the number one reason to travel to that state for many people. Thousands of miles of Alaska is incredible wilderness, totally untouched by human feet, which makes it easy to have flights of fancy over legends like Big Foot, or Sasquatch. The opportunity to see unspoiled nature is irresistible. People flock to beaches around the world to feel close to nature to relax, and they travel countless miles to Alaska to experience the awesome beauty of Alaska.

The beauty of its summers is paralleled by the difficulties of its winters. Those who visit to appreciate the summer beauty find it easy to overlook how hard forty below zero can be. The reminders come in the forms of glaciers and snow-covered mountains that remain throughout the summer months even when temperatures climb to seventy or eighty. One can hope to see the northern lights, but it is more rare in the summer than in the winter. The Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks is open year-round and offers winter as well as summer activities. They attract world-wide travelers when the Aurora Borealis is predicted to present good viewing.

For those who love beautiful scenery, they will love Alaska. The photography industry is a giant and the artists of the world come to be inspired by Alaska's scenery. Many careers thrive on the beauty of Alaska.

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